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Thursday, March 15, 2012



A new technology being rolled out by an identity security and identity theft prevention technology firm may be able to help reduce the incidences of electronics being stolen by identity thieves for the sole purpose of stealing the personal designation information stored within.
The devices, which will be live scan systems that digitally capture fingerprints and store the personal recognition information with the FBI, will be used as part of the Department of Homeland Security First Source program. The fingerprint data will be used to conduct criminal background checks prior(a) to determinations on whether or not to grant immigration benefits to applicants.
The first wave of biometric devices to be created under the contract will make their debut in the next six months astatine all 134 U.S. Customs and Immigration Service Application Support Centers in the U.S. and its territories of Saipan, Guam, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
“Our technology is flexible, scalable and well deployed in any customer environment as a state-of-the-art system for solving identity-related challenges, of particular grandness today given national security concerns,” said Robert V. LaPenta. “Furthermore, our field service and support organization is second to none, and the dedication and skill the team brings helps ensure that we can stand up these sophisticated systems quickly and provide optimal value to our customers in support of current and future program requirements.”
While the program is being intentional specifically for immigration use, the construct of fingermark technology could be utilized to protect suitcases and laptops that could contain important information that are often stolen by thieves looking to commit identity theft.
Last week, a laptop computer containing information regarding 689 patients’ personal identification information was reported missing. While infirmary officials are unsure if any personal recognition information has been accessed since the theft, a biometric device that requires a fingerprint scan to access the information would be sufficient bar for such identity theft.

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