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Sunday, March 18, 2012


The Segway was just the beginning folks (or was it the Pogo stick?) but personal transport vehicles are here to stay. And they are getting motorized. Electric bikes and battery assisted velomobiles are here now. But what does the future hold for personal transport cars?
People have been interested in getting from point A to point B, quickly, comfortable and efficiently for years. Since we don’t have Star Trek transporters yet, then future personal transport cars and vehicles will have to do in the interim.
On this picture page are a few futuristic personal transport vehicles the I must admit have a certain coolness factor (perhaps I’m admitting too much? I don’t get it. Neither do it.). Yet I digress. So, let’s progress and check out the future of personal transport vehicle and envision how we and the children of today will be driving them tomorrow.
The Hawk (pictured above), by New Zealander Alexander Hodge is a one-seat persona transport concept vehicle that is theoretically powered by a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc engine and contains a fiberglass outer shell.
The VW 2020 Personal Transport Future Car (pictured above) was designed by Sergio Luna (meaning lunatic or perhaps moon as in the sky’s the limit kind of thinker) as an electric car based upon Segway technology.
The Honda 3R-C Minimal Transport Vehicle (pictured above) is a prototype combining motorcycle and car. The future car has two-wheel in front stabilizing the vehicle and one wheel in the back. The glass windshield moves upwards and back and can cover the entire upper part of the personal transport vehicle in inclement weather.

The Explicit personal mobility vehicle (pictured above) is the creation of Kenyon Yeh (yeah, that’s right Yeh, so yea). The concept was to create a small vehicle for a single person to navigate around in thick city traffic. Oh, yeah, and make it tough looking, too so that hoodlums won’t pick on you.

The UNO single seat personal urban vehicle is a design concept by Juan Alberto Cruz Gomez to further downsize the SmartForTwo into a one-seater that could deal deftly with inner city traffic while doing so with style.
These are just a few of the cool future personal transport cars that have been conceived to let others know what is possible. The future will be filled with these types of vehicles, so strap on your seatbelt because it’s going to be a fun ride ahead.
For a look at some other future cars plus more detailed information this link is a resource you’ll find outstanding.


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