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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Google Android- Powered Glasses Concept of Future Technology

The actual eyeglasses may include a low-resolution digital camera within the front side with regard to collecting info in order to relay to some compact display constructed into 1 side of the lens. The eyeglasses may allegedly function just like a wearable model from the Google Goggles app, offering real-time info on the user’s location by GPS and also movement sensors. The actual digital camera may also be in a position to get photos, and also have the integrated flash. The display will never be transparent, but actually will become situated on the side from the frame, in order to not ever obscure a person’s view but offer a increased reality feel.

The actual eyeglasses will even act as the smart phone, permitting people to create calling, use specific applications, and also connect to buddies. Using possibly Wi-fi or perhaps a 3G/4G connections, the unit may make use of Google’s cloud and also relay info for the person on their environment, such as locations or buddies nearby and objects which they take a look at. The brand new Google eyeglasses are expected to become costed similar to a present smart phone within the US$250 to $600 and they are targeted for 2012 launch particular date.

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