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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Space Elevator
The scientists at Japanese have started development on its innovative technological masterpiece, the Space Elevator, which would take you to above 22,000 miles above the earth.  The elevator would be capable of accommodating 30 passengers with a speed of about 125mph. The journey via Space Elevator would be 8 days long and would finally take you to its space station into the Geosynchronous Orbit.

Driverless Cars
The engineers at Google recently patented the driverless cars technology and now have successfully tested the vehicles in Nevada. The Google driverless cars technology can be incorporated into any car. Google hopes that the driverless upcoming future technology for cars would definitely make your life much easier while taking the chances of accidents to minimum extent.

Robotic Assistants
The field of Robotics has been grown too much from the past few years. From cleaning a room to helping a doctor in surgery, the robots have become very smart.  Now a new study predicts that by next decade, this future technology would become a standard that every home would have one robot to handle simple household jobs (super duper Will Smith’s iRobot movie demonstrates the same idea). Foxconn, the China’s largest electronics Industry, also wishes to change its workers with 1 million robots in the next few years.

Mind Reading Computers
By next decade, IBM expects to make a Mind Reading Computer i.e. a computer that fully according to your thoughts. The user just needs to wear a specialized headset which would interpret the signals from your mind and then send it to the paired computer for next responding steps. Mind-Reading upcoming future technology would be ready within the upcoming three years, as stated by IBM.

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