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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Gadgets Reviews: To reduce amount of products in stores that are manufactured of unrecyclable or poorly recyclable materials, a lot of world leading companies look at a farmer’s fields to find an appropriate solution today. And they are not only guided by green tendencies. By using environmentally friendly materials companies can bring down taxes and costs of productions. Five plants that are presented here are essential for the future technology and they can be accessed in any part of the world. Let us see what prospective gadgets will be made of.

1.         Guyule: First – it is allergy free and recommended for kids’ products or products that contact with human’s skin like headphones, wristwatches, medical gloves, etc. Also guayule latex can sustain more tension without strain. Second and the most interesting fact – guayule latex perfectly meets a demand of flexible screens, flexible keyboards and many other similar gadgets.

2.         Corn: For the world of modern technologies it can bring fully recyclable plastics made from corn. No products like cell phones, computers or MP3 players come without plastic parts. The problem is that it doesn’t get recycled and will stay forever at dumps. Something has to be done with it sooner or later and corn has already flowed into high-tech world as a new material source.

3.         Algae: For best use to our cars algae can be an initial product for perfectly flammable high-octane biodiesel, which is cheaper and a lot less harmful to our ozone layer.

4.         Cockleburs: Its advantages are: unpretentiousness to materials. It can be made of practically all existing plastics as well as of recycled ones. Velcro, if made properly, can be of extreme durability.

5.         Lotus: First one is clothing – clothes that don’t need to be taken to laundry when some dirty water or something else is spilled on it. The second domain is after gadgeteer’s heart. The “Lotus effect” is taken into account in touchscreen design. Touchscreen that gets dirty easily is another trouble to one’s head but with the help of nature we get rid of it.

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